About iCognition

We are a Estonia-based software company founded and owned by Norwegian inventor-designer Klaus Nordby. You can reach us here:

iCognition has five team members spread across the globe who all work passionately to create our unique Designer Mindware.

Klaus Nordby, Visioneer

Klaus is a still-youthful 63-year old poet, designer, photographer, sculptor, philosopher and technologist — and the founder-boss of iCognition.

As the inventor-designer of all our products, he is obsessed with creating beautiful products — and runs fanatically tight quality-control with everything. He operates on 24-hour Norwegian military time — and is never late for any meetings.

He meticulously designs everything to his own liking, as a user
— for he is our "Customer Number One".

Klaus has been a dedicated student of Ayn Rand's philosophy of Objectivism for nearly 40 years and those ideas greatly influence every aspect of his life and his iCognition work.

While Klaus always maintains a large range of interests and activities, iCognition has now been his full-time occupation for four years — a pretty good streak, for a free-ranging, wild-eyed artist-intellectual!

Klaus had long planned to be a carefree old bachelor, but he is now happily owned by two lovely ladies: Karamelle, the Norwegian Forest Cat — and Hellen, the Brazilian Beauty Queen.

Puneeta Uchil, Marketeer

Puneeta is 34 and has worked at several startups, like Myntra and Housing which received millions in VC funding.

She joined Klaus at iCognition full-time in 2018 — because she deeply believed in his vision for our products and company.

She has attended 1,001 Skype meetings — and is, effectively, Klaus' co-founder. She thinks about products from a marketing point of view — which results in many fruitful suggestions.

Puneeta lives in Bangalore with her dear spaniel, Tammy
— and around 600 books.

Bob Fernandez, Engineer

Bob has an extensive background in teaching coding & graphics at university and has designed and coded several successful computer games, mainly for the Philip­pines market. But more than three years ago, at age 41, Bob quit his other work to focus solely on iCognition.

For Bob, coding is both work and passion. He uses his extensive know­ledge to bring Klaus’ inventions to functional perfection.

Bob is married, has four kids and has played both lead guitar and bass in various local bands.

Jacob Puzon, Programmeer

Jacob, age 35, was always interested in software, but he ended up studying psychology — and thereafter worked in HR for a decade.

Then, in January 2020, Bob — whom Jacob used to play music with — took him under his wings as our frontend coder. Jacob quit his HR job and now works full-time for iCognition, and thus living his dream of working in software.

Jacob has also worked as a sound engineer. He has had the same girlfriend for 8 years and loves playing videos games — especially role-playing games.

Jay Jamero, Programmeer

At age 30, Jay is the youngest of us five in iCognition. He works mostly on the backend servers and with testing our technologies.

For more than two years, Jay worked only part-time for us — as he had a full-time programming job. But in February 2021 he quit that job — to join us full-time.

When he is not being bossed around by Bob, Jay likes to go hiking, trekking and travelling with his wife.

Karamelle, Mousketeer

Karamelle is a seven year old Norwegian Forest Cat — and mistress of Kalista, the home of her human, Klaus.

Cool and calm she reigns supreme at Kalista, where other wee creatures.

When not out hunting she is often sunbathing on Klaus’ desk. A fan favorite of all of Kalista’s visitors, she’s the one and only iCognition Mousketeer!