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Secure Privacy

Do you dislike that many apps now store your stuff "in the cloud" — which really means, on other people's big computers?

In Genix, all your stuff is only stored on your own private phone or tablet.

Genix is not connected to the Internet's computers — hence, no one can ever "spy" on you.

Kodachrome Your Thoughts

Isn't our knowledge
a beautiful thing?

Yes, it is — and we think it should also look that way!

Hence, we created the powerful and unique Rulette™ — a new kind of “menu” to easily and beautifully organize your ideas, notes, lists and images — your knowledge.

Slice & Dice
your Filing

What if your thoughts could be filed by colors?

The Rulette comes with
9 pre-defined and uniquely-colored Slices.

You can rename the Slices to anything you want
 — and, of course,
 in any language
 of your choice.

 on Trays

Should your exciting ideas and clever thoughts just be a dull stream of endless lists?

Why not try something different? Genix has a Tray system that files your stuff by the colors of the Rulette.

Each Tray can also have numerous Subtrays
— as glimpsed here.

Snazzy Snips!

Is your everyday life full of movies to watch, books to read, topics to research and things to buy?

Sure! But typical note-apps are horrible at organizing such stuff
— they tend to be just endless streams of messy texts.

Instead, our Snips are great for one-item stuff. Also, Snips can be grayed-out, for quick reuse without rewrites.

Jazzy Jots

What do you do when you have that midnight Eureka moment?

Quickly jot it down in your note-app, of course! But what happens when you collect many notes on different topics? Chaos!

But in Genix, you can use Jots to neatly file your ideas into color-coded Trays and Subtrays.

Tappy Tally!

Why waste mental space and energy on recalling the prices of everything?

Tally solves this:
You type your
products and prices
into Snips once
— and there they stay.

After the prices are entered,
Tally automatically sums and multiplies the things in your many shopping-lists.

Pretty Pix!

Isn't it tedious and annoying to organize the thousands of images on your phone?

With Pix, you can file the images into color-coded
and Subtrays:

Handy Help!

Don't you find that
too many apps have unhelpful Help?

The first time you use Genix, its useful Assist screens pop up, clearly explaining all features.

But once
you've taken a tour of the whole app,
the Assist will stay away.

Later, you can always click the ?! to see the Assist again.

Try Genix for free — then upgrade?

You can use many of Genix's features
for free in the Tri version — forever!

Genix comes in three paid versions:
Penta, Hepta and Infi.

Our nifty table explains it all

Features & Versions Tri Penta Hepta Infi
Slices editable 3 5 7 9
Trays 5 10 20 Unlimited
Subtrays 10 20 Unlimited
Pix 10 10 200 Unlimited
Snips 20 100 200 Unlimited
Jots 20 100 200 Unlimited
Price Free $2.99 $3.99 $4.99