Your photos are in Kodachrome- so why do you still sort them in dull black and white?

Try Pixix it's colorful, useful and FREE!

Kodachrome Your Partners!

Why do conversations with every person in chat apps look exactly alike?

In Cupidix each Partner and all your chats are beautifully and clearly color-coded.

This way, you can safely chat
with up to 10 Partners at the same time — and in
separate Nooks.

Six Stages to Solve All

Can you just jump from
a big problem to an easy solution — in one big step?

No! So in Cupidix, you will
be step-by-step guided through your “issues” in six distinct Stages — but you can use fewer.

In Cupidix, each “issue” is called a “Frog”.

Describe Your Frog

Do you just scream out your frustrations — instead of calmly stating the issue?

Most couple-problems start with a real disagreement,
a silly misunderstanding
— or just plain irritation.

Therefore, the first necessary Stage is to objectively describe the situation — and then, for both of you to, eventually, agree about that Description.

The Road to Resolution

What Frogs are you facing with your Partner — and which Stage is each Frog at?

In Cupidix, you can view all your Unresolved Frogs at
a glance — and how far the Frogs have progressed through their Stages.

So you can always see you are getting closer
to a happy Resolution.

Love Dove

While discussing a Frog,
why not occasionally
remind your Partner
of your affection?

Ongoing issues can often
get stressful.

With Cupidix, you
can break the tension between you two by sending a cute little Love Dove — containing an especially appreciative message.

Pick Your Partner

Isn’t it confusing to chat with several dating Partners at the same time?

On this screen you have to select a Current Partner. This ensures you will undisturbedly chat with only that person.

You can also Delete or Block anyPartner — or quickly send one or more of them a Wink or a Love Dove.

Kerberos Rules

When flaming emotions are screaming to be expressed, who can then chat rationally?

No one! So we made Kerberos — a personal, private space for you to express all your thoughts and feelings about any Frog.

In Kerberos, you can safely rant and rave like a crazy mythological dog in Hades!

Handy Help

Don’t you find that too many apps have unhelpful Help?

The first time you use Cupidix, its useful Help screens pop up, clearly explaining all features.

But once you’ve taken
a tour of the whole app,
the Help will stay away.

Later, you can always click
on the ?! at the top left
to see the Help again.

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Pixix is a showcase for our paid app Genix.
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